Miss Led creating Live Digital Art in Düsseldorf with Wacom

  Looking forward to making my first trip to Dusseldorf for exciting live art event this Saturday night with my pals at Wacom. When Wacom became part of the “Nacht der […]

Inspiration, Education & Beauty

Feeling Inspired I hope your 2017 is unfolding productively and positively so far. Although the global climate is concerning and much lays in doubt, I take comfort in observing this sense of fear and […]

Miss Led Presents Digital Painting in VR at Business of Fashion Conference for Google

I was commissioned by Google to present the first European demonstration of Google Tilt Brush. Their Virtual Reality paint software.  It was such an honour to take on the role and […]

Miss Led Presents Fashion in VR for Voices Event this weekend

I’m super excited to share some very exciting news with you this week. I’m honoured to be presenting and live painting in VR with Google TiltBrush at Soho Farmhouse for this […]

Miss Led Eye Contact Print Collection now available

Hello! I’m so thrilled to announce that my new print collection is now available. If you want to buy Miss Led art (https://www.myartbroker.com/artist/miss-led/> then you’ll love this news! I’m super […]

Arrest All Mimics Podcast – Miss Led talks to Ben Tallon Again!

Lets Talk Podcasts : Are you like me and hooked on them yet? I love to listen to podcasts and audiobooks when I’m working – other than gaining the joy […]