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Freshening it up with FKA Twigs

Trying to keep the work fresh and slowly updating the folio.  I’m especially fond of working digitally at the minute with a mobile workstation as projects are taking me out of the studio a lot this Spring.  More on that shortly.  Much of the work happening  I can’t talk about right now, so here’s a quick portrait of the wonderful FKA Twigs.  And check the new sections on the Portfolio page – with new folder additions Publishing & Editorial and Hair & Beauty. Fresh….. 


Super inspired by the Celine Fall 2015 Ready-to-Wear Collection I thought I’d revamp an existing sketch to suit the show as I’m resting at home this week. It’s also a comment on my Mum’s new haircut, and low and behold it’s Mother’s Day this Sunday …. How about that !

The piece started off with a pencil sketch on copy paper and using made and digital textures alongside colour and lines I brought the drawing to life. The elements and colours all relate to the show including the blue deers which grace their beautiful silk shirts.  Check the collection out here


Excitedly experimenting and loving the immediacy of working completely digital at the moment. So many artists have said to me about how they love working traditionally but are now finding it hard to return to pen and pencil after digital working for a length of time. I’m gong to keep an eye on this, as I can definitely feel the hook.

It’s really important for me to pursue and experiment in many mediums whenever and however I can. I need variation, new challenges and creating opportunities to make mistakes to continue that feeling of enchantment and thrill.  It’s like I’m jumping my own visual hurdles.  And that’s kinda cool.

So using my new wireless IntuosPro I’m slowly putting together a small portfolio of work. I’ll be uploading further images very soon.

Published Portraits: Paddle Against the Flow

Super detailed portraits for Huck Magazine’s first publication, movie book, ‘Paddle Against the Flow’.

Faberge Event stand storyboarding

I really enjoyed working in a mix of mediums for a very short turnaround project for presentation use. My brief was to create an opulent dining midsummer’s evening storyboard illustration for a proposed stand for Faberge. Note the birdcages and jewels dripping from the trees. Sketches and work in progress on my BEHANCE  page


I’m slowly updating my portfolio after working flat out on Eye Candy Festival and my first solo show, Intimate on top of juggling client projects for the past four months.

I’ve enjoyed some quick turnaround projects for agencies on a presentation basis. So here’s a quick composite of some recent line and colour work.


Miss Led Workshop: My next workshop is happening in Seville, Spain over the 20, 21st & 22nd March. It will be hosted by The Red Gallery, La Galería Roja, who have presented workshops with Conrad Roset, Laura Perez, Steve Simpson and so many more incredible artists.  For further information and reservations:

More information from me coming soon!


So thrilled to know that my artwork made the front cover of Der Spiegel, the prominent weekly German news publication.  After working on the design and making many changes over December, I was pretty happy to learn that my artwork, which was pitching alongside 6 other illustrators, made it to print. Very happy

The cover article Nachts im Gehirm, which translates as, At night, in the brain explores why we dream.  The commission required a Dadaesque approach a visual dreamscape.  This piece was a completely new challenge for me, as I hadn’t created illustration work to integrate with photography.  I started by drawing each element individually, then played around with compositional lines on many print outs of the original photograph.  Photoshop was used for final over layering and decision making.

You can see below the two different versions.

My Edit:

Magazine’s Edit using earlier sketch versions of the piece :



They invited me back! Blimey…. And I went even bigger this time around. What a week! More pictures and video coming soon!


So, my first solo show. Something of milestone I guess.  I’ve been talking about showcasing my work for some time. But after 6 years of being Miss Led, the time arrived. On an unplanned afternoon,  as I walked into theprintspace gallery to pick up my giclee orders, I’d decided that this was exactly the place, right for the debut event.

The relationship: After the successes of Drawn, in Summer 2013 – where I painted live, Bitter Sweet, and ran my first Miss Led workshop – it seemed perfect. Not only had a great relationship formed with theprintspace but their shows, awesome location and top notch printing service left them second to none when it came to choosing a gallery.

Sponsorship: After a few conversations I was thrilled to receive an offer of full sponsorship for a solo exhibition. The condition was, however to present this event in the last month of the year.

No limits: A winter show, however was never something I’d envisaged, especially being such a hibernator myself.  And coming off the back of a big project at Eye Candy Festival, I wasn’t left with much time to pull this off.  But predictably defiant I didn’t scale down any of my ambitions and still remained my original aims to fill the space with as much new, large scaled work as possible, even if I killed me*

The Concept:

To create a relevant show encompassing the different areas of work I produce. From the mixed media live painting and workshops, to mural and boutique paintings where my collaged portraiture were pivotal.  Over the last 6 years, there has been a strong celebration of female creativity and identity, so there was my starting point. Find strong, expressive and creative women, and the rest will follow.

The Processes:

Photoshoot: I conducted photoshoots in my studio shooting each of the models 3 weeks prior

Interviews: after the shoots interviews were created for imagery and text content for each final painting

Artworking: The original drawings were created then from the edited files 2 weeks prior

Digital work: Scans of the original drawings were then cleaned up to be print ready for their final sizes of 155 x110cms

Gallery Walls: Were hand painted over a couple of evenings a few days before the show

Paintings: Were executed over 4 days at the studio before being photographed and then hang at the space


A range of materials were implemented – from coloured graphite, acrylic and water colour paint, water colour resist and paint pens.

*For the record, it did nearly did.  Next!!

A huge thanks to Toby Summerskill for his wonderful photographs.