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Miss Led Watercolour Illustration for Head and Shoulders Limited Editions bottles

I was invited last August by Ketchum powered by the lovely team at Illustration Ltd, to help with a new and exciting campaign for leading Shampoo Brand, Head and Shoulders for 6 new limited edition bottles.  The six different watercolour based illustrations that accompany each bottle will launch this April.  Here’s the first that’s now live!


Miss Led Portrait Workshop for Vans Classics

It was great to partner with Vna Magazine and Vans again this weekend. To commemorate 38 years of Old Skool Classics I was commissioned to create two original works for the party.  I delivered two 2 hour portrait drawing workshop at House of Vans this Saturday! And the best news is that it’s totally FREE!!

All materials will be provided including reference and lots of ideas and inspiration.

We only have 15 places available per session so get on the following link and book in.  See you there x

See all the details here:

VnA Street Artists Exhibition at House of Vans

This Friday I’ll be showing two new paintings that I’ve been putting together this week! Working to A1 size I’ve chosen to paint on heavy Fabriano stock. The brief, which was pretty open had only two requirements. That the work was to be predominantly black on white and that a Vans stripe would be included somewhere on each piece.

Come along this Friday to see my work and also paintings by Will Barras, Inkie, Tizer, Candy Lo and Stika! All the details of this and to reserve yourself entry to the after party here:

One of my two paintings showing at House of Vans, Friday 11th April

Miss Led Portrait Illustration Workshop: Seville

Due to such a busy few weeks, I’m just picking up where I left off last month. And March found me in sunny Seville.

Not only did I make my first trip to the beautiful city, but I had the most wonderful opportunity in delivering a 3 day intensive course to an amazing group of people in collaboration with La Galeria Roja Gallery.

Following artists such as Conrad Roset, Steve Simpson, Guim Tió and Carmen Mansilla who had worked with the gallery, I had 3 days to really explore what my students wanted to take away from our time together.

What united the group was the desire to learn how to draw the face, so that’s where we started. We looked at refining and developing our sketches and also how to create and build a narrative around our chosen subject. We rounded this up with, how to incorporate text and supporting elements, finishing with watercolour experimentation.

The group were also keen to understand how to use the internet as a viable tool for art promotion. I covered this with the inclusion of sites perfect for peer collaboration, merchandise, introduced other ideas, and also basic ways to improve your followers and traffic on social networks and websites.

The purpose of an agent, and the best way to promote your work to them, as well as how to know which one is the right one was discussed at length.

I’ll be running my next workshop commissioned by Vans this coming weekend in London.

I am always available to discuss workshop ideas and placements. I work with galleries, art and retail brands, corporations and with community settings. If you’re interested in finding out more. Please get in touch via:

Thanks again La Galeria Roja, I had such a wonderful time. Check out the link as they have some incredible artists lined up over the next couple of months, so go check them out!

Freshening it up with FKA Twigs

Trying to keep the work fresh and slowly updating the folio.  I’m especially fond of working digitally at the minute with a mobile workstation as projects are taking me out of the studio a lot this Spring.  More on that shortly.  Much of the work happening  I can’t talk about right now, so here’s a quick portrait of the wonderful FKA Twigs.  And check the new sections on the Portfolio page – with new folder additions Publishing & Editorial and Hair & Beauty. Fresh….. 


Super inspired by the Celine Fall 2015 Ready-to-Wear Collection I thought I’d revamp an existing sketch to suit the show as I’m resting at home this week. It’s also a comment on my Mum’s new haircut, and low and behold it’s Mother’s Day this Sunday …. How about that !

The piece started off with a pencil sketch on copy paper and using made and digital textures alongside colour and lines I brought the drawing to life. The elements and colours all relate to the show including the blue deers which grace their beautiful silk shirts.  Check the collection out here


Excitedly experimenting and loving the immediacy of working completely digital at the moment. So many artists have said to me about how they love working traditionally but are now finding it hard to return to pen and pencil after digital working for a length of time. I’m gong to keep an eye on this, as I can definitely feel the hook.

It’s really important for me to pursue and experiment in many mediums whenever and however I can. I need variation, new challenges and creating opportunities to make mistakes to continue that feeling of enchantment and thrill.  It’s like I’m jumping my own visual hurdles.  And that’s kinda cool.

So using my new wireless IntuosPro I’m slowly putting together a small portfolio of work. I’ll be uploading further images very soon.

Published Portraits: Paddle Against the Flow

Super detailed portraits for Huck Magazine’s first publication, movie book, ‘Paddle Against the Flow’.

Faberge Event stand storyboarding

I really enjoyed working in a mix of mediums for a very short turnaround project for presentation use. My brief was to create an opulent dining midsummer’s evening storyboard illustration for a proposed stand for Faberge. Note the birdcages and jewels dripping from the trees. Sketches and work in progress on my BEHANCE  page


I’m slowly updating my portfolio after working flat out on Eye Candy Festival and my first solo show, Intimate on top of juggling client projects for the past four months.

I’ve enjoyed some quick turnaround projects for agencies on a presentation basis. So here’s a quick composite of some recent line and colour work.