Creative Mentoring

 What do you want to achieve in 2020?

Do you find you are always busy but not still not achieving enough?   Want to feel less overwhelmed and get more organised? 

Are you ready to take the next step towards your dreams?  


This month I’m excited to be offering one-to-one mentoring for creatives in the field of illustration and aspiring artists in need of support in taking their first steps into the wonderful world of freelancing.

For over a decade I’ve worked with business consultants, life & creative coaches, and mentors. I owe my success to their input and supportive exploration.

Combined with being a full time illustrator, exhibiting artist, muralist, curator, author and art director for 12 years I have a diverse range of skills and knowledge that can support you now and help you plan where you need to go next – even if that’s enabling you to work out what that might be.


You have full permission to dream BIG 

With Skype-based one-to-one sessions I’m here to support the growth of your creative business, overcome your anxieties, and recognise time-consuming patterns that hold you back, in order to increase the time and focus you can spend doing the work you love ❤️

I’ll be developing specifically-tailored tools to help you with your day-to-day juggling and management, and increase your confidence in order to create the space for bigger picture planning and focusing on your dream goals.




Some of the areas where I can support you 

  • Portfolio Reviews
  • Freelancer first steps
  • Money confidence and pricing
  • Business development
  • Support with social media
  • Client management & confidence
  • Marketing and exposure
  • Creative block banishing exercises
  • Building ideas and inspiration
  • Getting work published
  • Time management and organisation
  • Project management


Of course one size does not fit all, so I’ll be sending you a quick questionnaire to fill out before our initial call so I can find out more about you and how we can work together. In between sessions I will offer you continued support and engagement, with any feedback on processes and exercises that will help you get you on the right path

I’ll be kicking off with a limited number of 1 hour sessions throughout December for an introductory price of £50+VAT 

Feel free to ask me questions via email or bag your spot now …… thorough the clicking the button below 



“Jo has so many nuggets of wisdom and tips for organising and setting intentions. Her scope of expertise ranges widely, from light methods of focus and goal setting to more advance marketing approaches. With her understanding of the different places to promote and have worked used, she’s able to see easily what can fit where.  I want to thank Jo also for understanding the stresses and pressures one puts oneself under when trying to battle through the thicket of creative identity.  It really helps having someone you respect being there to reassure you are doing ok”
Clare Wallis, artist London


“Just wanted to thank you for hosting a killer, Today At Apple session. We thoroughly enjoyed your presentation, style and connection to participants during the entire event. Our Creative team have taken insights from your inspiration, and will live on during normal sessions we host throughout our programming week”
Matt Dogson, Apple London



December only introductory price of:  £50+VAT 

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