Miss Led Portrait Workshop at The V&A Museum

So my first workshop confirmed for 2020 will be hosted at of my favourite places in the world,  The Victoria and Albert Museum, London.  I’m very excited to be delivering a Digital Portraiture Masterclass using the iPad.
I’ll be delivering the full day of learning and art working on the Saturday 21st March 2020.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Learn or brush up your skills with the iPad Portraiture with me from 10.30-17.00 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Find more details and link to book HERE 

miss led workshop v&a museum london

Miss Led Studio Joanna Henly Reintroduction & Happy New Year

Happy New Year All.

Other than the work you can see on my INSTAGRAM stream and website, I thought it a good time to reintroduce myself here. Here’s a bit about me in 15 facts.

  • I was told 12 years ago – by gallerists, agents and publishing houses that I wouldn’t succeed as an artist due to not creating  in one set way
  • I finally expanded my successful business as – Miss Led Studio – in 2018 with an impressive list of projects under my belt created for some of the biggest brands on the planet – so I’d say it’s been going pretty well thanks guys!
  • Last year was my quietest year yet, (so needed), though I got to partner with Apple for a live inspiration session at the Regent Street Store, created and continue to livestream content on BEHANCE for three months with Adobe and prepare for a big workshop with the V&A MUSEUM.
  • Historically I’m quite shy and was a sometimes nervous teenager, though seriously gregarious around people I know – this can still be the case – I’m still petrified when working in a live setting or speaking in public.
  • I feel empowered, ecstatically happy and fuelled with confidence after working in a live setting or speaking in public.


Joanna Henly Miss led Studio

London studio shot courtesy of Sophia Schorr-kon

  • My favourite and most satisfying work is that which challenges me, (scares) – large scale painting. From painting murals and interior schemes for boutiques, stores, windows for Selfridges, across barges and cars I’m focused on channelling more of these projects this year.
  • I’ve been an ambassador for many leading art and tech brands – from painting in VR for Google and producing  a number of short film content for Wacom to live painting for Liquitex on canvas which hung in the SAATCHI GALLERY
  • I wrote 2 books about drawing that I dedicated to my Dad and are sold globally and stocked in the Tate Gallery and National Portrait Gallery London
  • Over the last 12years I’ve picked up so many skills other than just art creation. Building strategy, pulling together teams and creating campaigns for brands is something that pushes my imagination and allows me to work with other creatives across different disciplines, whilst bringing even more strings to my bow. That’s an important one to mention.
  • I’ve suffered from burnouts which have lead to long creative blocks. The last 2 years have focused on how to establish a healthier balance, working out how to assert more control and essentially be more proactive than reactive. Moving from London after 20years was a big part of this. Stepping away from social media too.
  • I’m a massive fan of Psyche Rock music (which has influenced my art a lot since I was about 13), and Anatolian, (70’s Greek Psyche Rock) . I think this comes from listening to Pink Floyd and Elephant’s Memory with my Gamps when I was little. Guilty pleasures : ABBA – thanks Gamps, Five Star and lots of Sade.
  • Always been a big supporter of professional practice through teaching and running workshops. I set up a Creative Mentor Programme in December. I’m working with aspiring artists, students and artists looking to expand their practice. Every mentee I’ve worked with this far have booked follow up sessions. So I’d say it’s going really well so far
  • I’m selfishly excited about mentoring as I get to remind myself all the positive practices, incredible resources and share all the great learning gained over the last 20+years. I’m also a big fan of being a cheerleader. The sessions seriously charges me with positive energy – so it’s a win win situation. Find out more HERE
  • I’m a month into living in a new live work PAINTING space in Lisbon. So expect to see a return to paint this year. This thought brings me a lot of happiness
  • I stopped travelling for the last 6months of 2019 – it’s been a fruitful time for setting up collaborations, workshops and engaging deeper in my life and home here. I’ve not been happier

You all have played a huge part in my development, from reading, interacting and buying work, sharing love, encouragement and being along for the ride – So much love to you and wishing you the best of 2020 and the decade ahead.

Livestreaming with Adobe for Behance

Miss Led illustration live art for adobe on behance

I’ve been gorging on all the brilliant Adobe Max video content this past weekend which has a tonne of inspiration; from tutorials to live drawing and panel discussions, website and folio workshops and so much more! Do check it out!

So I’m thrilled to be partnering with Adobe for their new product on Behance.

I’ll be live streaming a few projects in the coming few weeks. So you can watch me work whilst connecting design fans and creatives using my Wacom Cintiq  and Photoshop. You can follow my progress via my Portfolio here:

Miss Led Drawing Books are in the Tate Modern & National Portrait Gallery

It’s now been a full year since both my Portrait and Figure Drawing books were published. Very proud to see them available at the Tate Modern and National Portrait Gallery shops.

This month I had to say a massive thanks to my followers for all their images, comments, emails, 5 star reviews and excitement that still flows through the different platforms. It’s a wonderful experience knowing that you’ve brought joy and inspiration to people through learning. I’ve just received a video of one student that has drawn every single image in the book – to my recollection that is 109 in total

Such a pleasure to pour almost 20yrs of teaching into these. From one-to-one set ups, working with large groups, to new ways of delivery and development. The hardest part was trying to fit it all in.


These are some of my favourite illustrations included to keep the books full of movement and energy.

My experience other than teaching has been live drawing, street art, fine art, public art, mural art, illustration for advertising and editorial work.

As well as partnering with some of the biggest brands on the planet I’ve delivered workshops at Saatchi Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, Apple store and my next UK workshop will be held at the the V&A.



This Saturday I collaborated with my favourites The Other Sight / Shop and JoJo’s Seaside for a Summer Popup event just outside Lisbon on the beach at Fonte da Telha.

There were games, dancing, exquisite food, exhibited artworks and covetable design and fashion available at Petite Miramar the restaurant and hotel owned by Andre Saraiva aka Mr A.

Thank you for everyone that came along and made it so special, big love and thanks to Sonya Tlr and @claire tournemine at The Other Sight / Shop for all their energy and inviting me to be their special guest.

More images coming soon

As well as creating the invites, gifs and posters I curated a selection of illustrations with digital collage celebrating the colour and vibrancy of Lisbon life for my first presentation of art works in Portugal.

You can read my interview with the uber stylish Parisian store and understand more about the collaboration here – check the link :

Miss Led Studio: Inspiration at Apple

How did Miss Led grow from being a Myspace handle – a devise initially used to publish work online in secret – to a multi disciplinary art studio working with the biggest brands on the planet? 

Advised repeatedly to stick to just one style to have any hope for a successful career in illustration, to not compete in any live tournaments for sake of failure and embarrassment… It was great to go back in time and present a rich profile of diverse projects and artwork created against the odds when Apple asks me to talk a little about my ‘journey’ last week.

For the inspiration session I touched on some of the seriously important things that contributed to the continuing success of Miss Led – Tenacity was number one, and how staying playful with ideas and being open to new opportunities went hand-in-hand.

Being vulnerable was also an important theme. Sharing how competing in live tournaments (against the odds and winning – twice) and creating art (including that of mistakes) in front of thousands of people has helped me gain a deeper understanding about my tools, how I engage my different audiences and keep my ideas light and agile.

Open to risk, trying many different approaches, stepping into very different territories and weld diverse materials has helped build a portfolio I’m very proud of.

From purely illustration work to now including experiential activations, virtual reality art, live installation work, video production, creative direction, consultation and more. These combined have helped shape the name Miss Led into a buzzing multi disciplinary Art Studio.

It was so engaging working with the audience and inspiring them to create something new and playful themselves using the provided iPad Pros.

I wanted everyone of all ages and ability to be part of the interactive session. Using the Apple iPad and a chosen photograph I supported them to build a brief and create a narrative based image which was then celebrated on the screen whilst the group and I learnt a lot from each other and had loads of fun.

Thanks to everyone that came down on such a beautiful evening and got involved!

And a huge thank you again to the team at Apple for inviting me to deliver a seriously fun Today at Apple in store session.

Miss Led Studio at Apple Store

Join me at the @Apple Store this coming Thursday as I talk about my work, the benefits of artistic diversity, being vulnerable, creative blocks and keeping playful.

Following that I’m delivering a very playfully themed hands on participation and it all starts with your digital photograph.

You’ll be looking at how to generate ideas about your chosen subject, write a design brief and build visual stories using the iPad and the @Procreate drawing and painting app.

Keep an eye out for more information and art examples on this in the next few days! Get in touch if you have any questions

OH and we’ll be finishing off with a lovely Q&A session – so be armed with some queries to keep me on my toes.

More details and sign up – HERE

Thursday 23rd Apple Store Regents Street 6.30 – 8.00pm

Here’s a quick portrait of me created last year on the both iPad  and Procreate. This artwork was one of 10 created for Rape Crisis Tyneside for the amazing Her Story Conference.

Miss Led Today At Apple Session

Excited to announce that I’ll be presenting my work and delivering a #todayatapple session at the Apple Store, Regents Street London next week!

There I’ll be presenting a selection of my drawings, paintings and digital collage.

I’ll also be talking about my ideas; how I develop my thinking and the importance of embracing storytelling.

You’ll bring a photo, a smile and all your creativity. Yes, you have loads more that you think. So no sweat.

The session is free, gratis, nada…. So sign up! HERE

Bring an iPad and stylus if you have one, if not – sign up to the link in the bio – and one can be provided for you.

Please also come if you’d just like to say, hi. We might just have a Q&A to close.

Something’s Happening …

But you can’t see anything quite yet!

Thank you for visiting the site and my blog, right now we’re planning the new website with lots of new features, building a very special portfolio, planning events and workshops in London and exploring exciting collaborations in Central Europe.

It’s an exciting time, and a little busy to keep the blog going, for now! BUT please keep ahead of all these things and more – even if it’s a little quiet at the moment – on my Instagram <3





Exciting update for you guys – my second book is now available online in the US, Canada and UK. ‘Figure Drawing’ is the second companion in the Pocket Art series (yep – so compact, it can fit in your pocket) and is the follow up to ‘Portrait Drawing’.

My vision being; I wanted to share an easy-to-understand, uncomplicated guide to mastering technique and style.

Pushing everyone out of their comfort zone, slowly but surely – the book encourages the reader to loosen up, to gain the courage to step outside and feel brave enough to draw in public.

You’ll start lessons with getting your materials right before moving on to exercises such as “Understanding the Figure”. This all wraps up with a gallery of drawings that demonstrate what you’ve learned in various different mediums. “Runway Work’ and “Tricks for Creating Movement’

There are lots of fun exercises that’ll help you to create more expressive works – which in turn, help with character design and fashion illustration.
I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback!

I hope you like it