Miss Led Eye Contact Print Collection now available

I’m so thrilled to announce that my new print collection is now available.
If you want to buy Miss Led art (> then you’ll love this news!
I’m super excited to let you know that my new project, EyeContact is live! This is a collection of six limited edition silkscreens which all explore feminine visual culture.  I’ve loved creating this collection, it was a chance for me to be completely open, to try out ideas that I’ve longed to experiment with, and ultimately to create something beautiful, and thought provoking.
Take a look and buy art ( from EyeContact at
Thank you, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the collection too.
Reality bites_Miss_Led_ws

Arrest All Mimics Podcast – Miss Led talks to Ben Tallon Again!

Lets Talk Podcasts : Are you like me and hooked on them yet?

I love to listen to podcasts and audiobooks when I’m working – other than gaining the joy of multitasking which I’m a little obsessed with – I get to shut off the left side of the brain. You know the instructive more pragmatic hemisphere . The one that brings down that once amazing idea and crushes to the ground? Yes, you got me. I get to shut that down and allow the right part to work in full swing. 

If you haven’t tried drawing, sketching, or painting with an audiobook I’d totally recommend you trying it. Only one caveat, it could be a little tricky to start, but worth the effort if you stick to it!

I’m going to introduce you a great resource – so there’s no excuse to get started right away.


Around this time last year, I met Ben Tallon in an Airbnb flat in a very sunny Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I’d met him once previously at an industry event a few years back. In that time he was not only progressing as a hugely talented illustrator and art director, he was also a contributing writer to Design Week and had written a book that was in the top 5 rated selling books in illustration, Champagne and Wax Crayons

So pretty much a fresh arrival in NY and after a glorious run in the local neighbourhood we recorded Episode 3 of Arrest All Mimics.

Arrest All Mimics Podcasts are an invaluable resources for anyone working in the creative industry.  A wealth of knowledge and wisdom imparted by some of of the best in the creative community published for the creative community.

“Arrest All Mimics, as a title, is a nod to original thinkers and creative innovators who are doing their own thing, wholeheartedly. That ethos underpins the show, a casual, frank conversation with inspiring people about inspiring projects, influences, backgrounds and aspirations right across the visual arts, from design and illustration, to theatre and film, covering everything in between

The show started after Ben Tallon released his debut book, Champagne and Wax Crayons: Riding the Madness of the Creative Industries and wished to continue his documentation of the vast amount of stunning work in the arts. Working with Illustration Ltd, he began to explore the on-demand audio world of podcasting, which would allow people to hear from a broad range of creative professionals and not have to compromise increasingly busy lifestyles. Ben says “I think podcasting provides an instant and intimate medium that will allow listeners greater access to the minds behind some of the most trailblazing personalities and projects in our world. We all take inspiration from the path people have taken and I believe that everyone can take many positives from hearing about the unique journey that led them to producing something truly original. All creative work is a product of the personality, so Arrest All Mimics is about showcasing the people behind the work to allow us to join the dots.”

Touching on topics such as Illustration Careers, a talk with The Association of Illustrators, Identity and Creativity, Making a mark, Creating Ideas and more!


Guests include –

Illustrator, Artist, Art Director and live painter, Miss Led

Photographer and illustrator, Danny Allison

Illustrator and former Chairman of the AOI, Rod Hunt

Illustrator, merchandise Queen and author Sandra Dieckmann

Chair of Creative England, John Newbigin

Creative Director of Stylorouge, Rob O’Connor

Professor of Theatre at New York University, Rebecca Johannsen

Painter and artist, Robert James Clarke

The Association of Illustrators

And so much more!


Here’s links to both Pods –  Click on the following images to access a wealth of info on

  • finding your way back after a break from creativity
  • the power of positive enforcement
  • working with others and in groups for gaining confidence and inspiration
  • authorship – how to work with others and develop from designer to art director




Miss Led New Collection of Work : EyeContact

EyeContact Miss Led New collection of works coming soon

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AOI Contracts Masterclass 22nd November



I’m really excited to be sharing my experience and knowledge of working with contracts at the AOI Contracts Masterclass next month .  As a long standing member I’ve gained a huge amount of confidence and support through the pricing and contract advice given to me by the AOI so it seems fitting that I can impart some do’s and don’ts as an illustrator. If you’re a member you can get discounted entry to this and many other amazing online and live events. Go HERE to find out more

The AOI have played such an integral role in my business growth I couldn’t recommend being a member more.


Providing an accessible insight into contracts, this master class will offer a general overview of contracts before focusing on motion contracts more specifically.

IP Lawyer Robert Lands, will take a look at illustration contracts in depth.  Areas covered will include the clauses that most often trip people up, the essential clauses that should be included to ensure the contract is fair and recent trends.

Media Agent Matthew Dench will then take a closer look at media contracts. With illustration increasingly becoming a cross-industry discipline, Matthew will cover the ins and outs of these often weighty and financially heavy contracts.

Lastly, we will have a word from long standing AOI member Miss Led who will give the illustrator’s perspective on negotiating and standing fast using examples from her past.

Practical examples will be drawn from publishing, TV, film and editorial and there will be ample time for Q&A with the speakers.
This session would suit agents and illustrators who are currently, or are hoping to work across a range of commissioning areas, providing concrete skills as well as building confidence.

This session is perfect for Illustrators and Agents alike, and we recommend to get your ticket now.

Tuesday 22nd November
2.00pm – 5.00pm
Tickets: £25 for Members (£40 for Non-Members). Get your ticket here!

Howard Kennedy, 1 London Bridge, London SE1
For more information contact us: or 020 7759 1010




miss led illustration for fashion video tutorials




Miss Led’s Illustration for Fashion includes over 2 hours of intensive e-learning organised into chapters, allowing you to view the Video Tutorial Series in order or to pick or revisit individual chapters when needed.

Illustration for Fashion simplifies the process into 3 main steps, Drawing, Colouring and Finishing.

Learn to master both traditional and digital techniques in detailed step-by-step Video Chapters with Miss Led

So whether you are a beginner or an artist looking to develop your practice and learn new skills, you’ll find this Video Tutorial Series an invaluable tool for creating dynamically beautiful, client-ready illustration work.


Miss Led Live Painting with Escoda Brushes Barcelona

– Miss Led Live Painting with Escoda Brushes –

I was lucky to be travelling again last week! This trip took me back to Spain to the beautiful city of Barcelona. My main aim being to meet and discuss a very exciting collaboration with the wonderful team at Escoda Brushes

After being in talks for some time, we have been very excited about finally collaborating on a project together.

So on a very typically sunny morning, a roof terrace over looking the most majestic  Sagrada Famalia was cleared and prepared as my studio for a few hours. Here with the view across the incredible city I created a new painting using a variety of Escoda hand made brushes and my very trusty paints.

I’ll be publishing more related images next week as part of a mini Instagram Take Over at Escoda IG headquarters. Please keep an eye out as the social posts will be a lead up to a short video of the live painting 

Miss Led escoda brushes watercolour b  miss led escoda brushes watercolour b2

Miss Led Workshop : Design Week @71a Gallery, shoreditch, London

Here at the Miss Led Studio, we’re gearing up for a very exciting illustration workshop during London Design Festival for 71a Gallery, Design Week.
71a Gallery, based in Shoreditch, the home of Huck and Little White Lies Magazine, will be featuring a programme of interactive and engaging 3 hr workshops run by leading design experts across the week of Monday 19th to Saturday 24th September
Fresh from the launch of her hugely exciting, ‘Illustration for Fashion Video Tutorials’, Miss Led will guide a group in her ‘Illustration Unplugged Workshop’, in returning to a more traditional and instinctive way of working, both through drawing and mixed media exploration.
Whether you’re a new, experienced or advanced artist or illustrator, you will learn
  • Miss Led’s approaches to drawing
  • Choosing the right materials and tools
  • Using Miss Led art techniques
  • Experimenting with watercolours
  • Applying mixed media colour
Miss Led will deliver group demonstrations and you will recieve personal one to one feedback.
THANK you to Liquitex Materials for providing free goodies for the event –  With a collection of art material samples to take away after the event you can continue to seamlessly develop your new techniques!
Miss Led has been delivering workshops for over 10 years working with various companies and brands, and has taught workshops for portrait illustration, mixed media fashion illustration and narrative illustration.
Event link and tickets : HERE
illustration workshop Miss Led London

Miss Led Fashion Illustration Video Tutorials


video tutorials fashion illustration miss led artist illustration


We’re launching our first tutorial videos this September to coincide with London Fashion Week and London Design Festival with many exciting events happening!

Get signed up to our Mailing List to be one of the first to know all about the pre-launch dates, Early bird codes, London workshops, giveaways and more fun!!

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Miss Led Online Illustration Video Tutorials Launching Soon!

MissLed Watercolour illustration portrait drawing
–  Miss Led, Illustration for Fashion Workshop Videos  –


Our 5 Video Workshop bundle, available for download this Autumn, will trace my illustration work from beginning to end. Step-by-Step.
Subscribe to our mailing list HERE to be kept updated and get early bird discounts! We’ll be running on and offline events – so let’s get connected!
Including how to draw the face and body, to materials and equipment used digitally & traditional, including everything in between.
So whether you need to know what materials to use and how, want to learn basic photoshop and collage, using watercolour and ink in new ways, or how to choose your subject material and loads more we’ve covered it all.
We’ve not missed a thing.
 MissLed Watercolour illustration portrait drawing  MissLed Watercolour illustration portrait drawing

Miss Led Contributing Portrait Illustrator for T3 Magazine

I’ve been creating monthly portraits for T3 Magazine for over a year now.  Its a great opportunity for me work more with male faces, and as with most publishing commissions, about how fast I can work.

Here’s my recently completed face for the, Hype People page, Matt Damon. He’s number 16.  See a selection of my the other portraits here

Thanks for still digging my work guys.

Matt damon miss led b