EYE CONTACT – Fine Art Print Collection

EYECONTACT by artist Miss Led (aka Joanna Henly) is a new project exploring feminine visual culture, in particular looking at the ways in which the fashion industry imposes an unwritten set of rules upon women influencing how women see themselves and indeed how others see them.



Explore EyeContact - a deluxe limited edition art print collection

With these six limited edition art prints, Miss Led takes a model in a typical ‘fashion mag’ pose, but overlays the subject with on trend embellishment (such as high gloss, almost patent, black and shimmering diamond dust), repetitive patterns and bold, provocative statements, in perfectly crafted typography. With the work, Miss Led asks us to question what is put in front of us, to look beyond the polished aesthetic of a fashion shoot and to consider the motivations of the industry and indeed ourselves.

“Daily, we are bombarded with images of perfect, beautiful women - I think most women will be able to identify with that feeling of inferiority and a striving to be better, thinner, prettier, sexier, curvier. Fleeting obsessions from the thigh gap to the A4 waist challenge or putting coins on your collarbone body shame women and girls across social media, and yet, we seem to have an insatiable appetite for the aesthetics of women in the public eye,” comments Miss Led.

Striking and fashionable themselves, the art prints are both of the industry and outside of it. Each piece illustrated by Miss Led, silkscreened in Camberwell, London features carefully considered embellishment, an attention to detail and an eye for style that wouldn’t be out of place on a Vogue front cover, but the underlying narrative casts a quizzical eye over the genre of fashion photography and suggests perhaps, to not always take things at face value.